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chemical name: hexamethyleneimine
molecular formula: c6h12n
molecular weight: 99.2
cas rn: 111-49-9
properties: industrial hexamethyleneimine is colorless transparent liquid, with ammoniacal smell. boiling point 138℃(101.3kpa), melting point -37℃, specific gravity 0.882 (25℃), flash point 22℃(close cup), refractive index 1.463 (nd20).
uses: this product can be used in pesticide, agrochemicals, rubber chemicals, textile chemicals, bactericide, zeolite production, dyestuff, ink and other industries.
toxicity: ld50 rat per os 450mg/kg
packing and transportation: iron drum, net weight 170kg. to protect from fire, heat and crash.
production status: 3000 tons/year
executive standard: q/320582hc2td>
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