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 compound fertilizers
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compound fertilizers

zhuishijia fertilizers

zhuishijia—expert of new nutritional fertilizer
1. "multiple nitrogen high tower" technology
2. "microelement chelating" technology
3. "polypeptide enzyme" technology
4. "root promoting factor soil regulating factor" technology
5."high utilization rate multiple absorption" technology

feiliantian fertilizers

save fertilizer, labor and cost
1. this product can take advantage of the synergism of inhibitor, longer control time than single inhibitor;
2. to regulate the proportion of ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen by taking advantage of inhibitor;
3. this product can obviously increase effect of phosphorus and extend period of validity of phosphorus;

huachang fertilizers

quick acting, soluble in water, balanced nutrient, pure potassium sulphate, promote root growth and strengthen seedlings
soluble in water
balanced nutrient
pure potassium sulphate
promote root growth and strengthen seedlings

jinzi fertilizers

true love of each granule
1. this product is rich in ammonium nitrogen.
2. this product is rich in amidonitrogen
3. can design formula according to fertilizer requiring characteristics of crops and nutrient status of soil
4. the product is smooth and clean, has good solubility, it can increase grain filling rate
5. promote root growth and strengthen seedlings

fertilizers for special purpose

features of "xinpengyou" fertilizer for corn:
1. synchronization of nutrient
2. comprehensive nutrition
3.slow-release and long time effective
4. high tower granulation

features of "xindaoguibao" fertilizer for rice:
1. synchronization of nutrition
2. comprehensive nutrition
3. scientific formula
4. promote root growth and strengthen seedlings

wheat special fertilizer features:
1. high-efficient controlled-release
2. special formula and reasonable match
3. specific nutrition
4. active organic matter
5. bsfa, soil moisture conservation


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