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nitric acid

quality standard of concentrated nitric acid: gb/t 337.1-2002
quality standard of dilute nitric acid: gb/t 337.2-2002
molecular formula: hno3

property: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, it is irritating and corrosive.
uses: it can be widely used in fertilizer, national defense, metallurgy, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other industries.

packing, storage and transportation: concentrated nitric acid is packed by aluminum vessel, dilute nitric acid is packed with stainless steel vessel. separate from saw dust, straw, paper and other organic matters.

item index
98 acid 97 acid
mass fraction of nitric acid (hno3) ≥ 98.0 97.0
mass fraction of nitrous acid (hno2) ≤ 0.50 1.0
mass fraction of sulfuric acid (h2so4) ≤ 0.08 0.10
mass fraction of ignition residue    ≤ 0.02 0.02

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